Sync your team simply using one email

Share and receive your team's accomplishments in just one email.

Motivate your teammates spreading the good job and news.

Know your team's efforts without losing any information.

Review it anytime.

Why Team Colony is great for your team

Simple way of collaborating

Just one email at the very beginning of the day -while you have your coffee- will help you and your team to have a big picture of where everybody is at, their needs and efforts; so everybody will be in sync even if they don't work at the same time or place.


Your team will give their best when motivated. With everyone aware of each other's hard work, your team can move forward as one. And thanks to our Niko-Niko mood tracking system, you can be aware of motivational drops before they become a problem.

Easy reporting

Team reporting doesn't get any easier - just answering one email a day, from any device. Task reports and mood tracking can be exported to a variety of formats, and with our simple integration API you can even feed it directly to your own system.

How to use Team Colony?

Set up your team notification and report times and be ready to get work done. It takes less than 3 minutes and you will be reporting to TeamColony right away!

Every day, as you finish your work, TeamColony will send you an e-mail asking "What have you done today?".   You just have to reply in a few lines, just like you would do with any other e-mail.

The next morning, your team will receive a digest e-mail with everything that was accomplished the previous day. Everybody will be synced up without wasting time in meetings!

What is Team Colony?

It's a simple and powerful reporting tool, that allows any team to get daily reports of the work done by just sending one email (any email account is compatible!). Using Team Colony is dead-easy: receive an email, reply to it with your achievements and the next day see what everybody did. Clean, simple and effective!

Many companies, small businesses and startups are using Team Colony right now! It helps project managers, team members and stakeholders to know how is a team doing, anticipate problems, improve motivation, productivity and performance. Team Colony gathers reports of your team's work progress, completed tasks, mood, problems, time tracking... giving an important push on motivation to the whole team: everybody will be happy to see how the rest of the team is doing!

You can quickly and easily extract reports of any kind: time tracking, mood, problems and accomplishments, to evaluate your team performance or to report to any client or colleague about your team’s efforts.

And best of all - IT'S FREE!

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