Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

Is it safe?

Our databases are hosted by Heroku Postgres, trusted by many Fortune 500 companies for their reliability and safety. Safety is a fundamental pillar of TeamColony.

However, we insist in using common sense, i.e. do not share passwords or other sensitive data in TeamColony.

Already using a team management software. Why do I need TeamColony?

TeamColony is a straight forward application designed to provide a high level overview of what a team has accomplished throughout the day, with the minimum hassle for everyone.

It will adapt to any accomplishment or task and it is therefore the perfect companion for any team management software.

Do I require to download software?

TeamColony is fully web based with no software installations or updates needed. Simply create your team and access all your information from your main dashboard.

Which are the benefits I can get from TeamColony?

You will be able to track progress from every member of your team, keeping all your team members tuned with everybody's progress, getting reports out of it and improvements. Thus, reporting direct benefits to accomplished your targets as a company.

Team creation and management

Is it possible to change the number of members of my team?

Yes. Just go to the edit team section in your dashboard. There, you would be able to modify the number of members of your team with no hassle at all. You could add or remove any members to adapt to your team needs.

Can I use TeamColony with a team spread around the world with different timezones?

Yes! You will get replies from everybody even if they are working in a different GMT country. You can configure that from each user account.

Reports and Notifications

How many emails will I receive per day?

You will receive just two emails. One notification email, to add all your achievements and one report email, with a digest of all your team members accomplishments.

Can I find reports from the past?

Yes, you can use our filter system to find any day and check those replies.

Is it possible to export those reports? How?

You can use our exportation tool. You simply have to log into your account and you will find a link in the left side. We support HTML, JSON and CSV formats.

I have my personal account and my job's email account. Is it possible to reply from any of them?

Unfortunately we don’t have yet an alias email support. Be sure to answer your daily report with the account used in the sign up process. Otherwise the reply won’t be recorded.

Niko Niko calendar

What is this calendar for?

Is a tool to track your teams mood and use it to your advantage as an early indicator of problems.

How can I use the Niko Niko calendar?

Just reply to your daily email with a mood hastag (#happy, #normal, #sad) and TeamColony will give you a chart with smilies that you can use to avoid problems.