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Unlike other project management software, TeamColony does not task itself with in-depth metrics, sophisticated charts or the kind of mumbo-jumbo that actually makes project management a separate task to cater to.

TeamColony is simple: you reply to one simple email that TeamColony sends you everyday. “What did you do today?” – and the next day, you receive a digest of what others have done. That’s about it: a simple email keeping everyone abreast of what everyone else is doing/getting done.

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Everybody can get back to work knowing the project status, preventing duplicated work and helping out colleagues with roadblocks.

The received emails generate a history showing the team's progress, with reports and graphs that help to make sense of it. Any user can check this information, although it can also be configured so only admins can do so.

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TeamColony is a web and mobile app that lets you create, analyze and manage teams via email.

The perfect tool to monitor the team's progress and preventing duplicated work.

You can use it from any device: tablet, smartphone or your desktop computer.

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With this kind of features, every team member can keep up with how the team globally reaches its goals.

It eliminates the noise of repeating information within the team.

You can see at a glance the daily reports, combined with graphs of the team members' answers.

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